Language, Culture and Design: Creating Lovable International Customer Experiences

Global consumers want a customer experience that connects with them at a local level – and that cultural sensitivity is generally the missing ingredient in most brand “translations”.
A man and a woman smile while making credit card purchases on a smartphone.

Why does your localized user experience matter?

• Companies that localize user experience see an increase of 100-400% in sales in local markets. Knowing which markets are more sensitive to localized user experiences can inform how to allocate localization budget for maximum ROI.

• Users buy in English all the time out of necessity, but online storefronts in their own language can seal the deal for the 70% of customers who report they are hesitant to spend without a localized experience.

• Localization drives user conversions: 9 out of 10 report they would be more likely to purchase a product or service localized for their market.

• By localizing into 10 languages, you can effectively reach 90% of online customers in the world.

Because your customers matter.

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